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SCPSAC is a private, non-profit, interdisciplinary society for professionals working in the field of child abuse and neglect.

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View our training and advocacy opportunities and events for interdisciplinary professionals around the state, as well as community involvement events.

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U.S. Supreme Court decision on admissibility of teacher testimony of child’s statement (link to APSAC post)

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Condolences and a Call to Action in Response to the shooting at Emmanuel AME in Charleston

The Board of SCPSAC wishes to express deep condolences and our sincere support for those directly and indirectly affected by the shooting occurring this past week at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, SC.  It is a tragedy felt across our state, and hopefully, across our nation, that this has happened on our watch.  Further, we, with others in our state, are deeply affected by this occurring in our community.  It should not be forgotten the level of trauma this brings to children both directly and indirectly affected by these events and the need to address this trauma so it can processed without causing undue long term consequences. It is vitally important that we demonstrate to the children of our state and our nation that we care about their well being and are committed to their growing up in a safer, less fearful world.  It is equally important that we make a commitment to being a part of the solution-recognizing and addressing those around us who are showing signs of deep disturbances that could put them or others at risk; derailing racism as well as hate-filled AND veiled-hate rhetoric both in public and in our personal lives . . . our children learn from and become what they see, what they hear.  We are tasked to provide a society for them to grow up in that provides the best opportunity for them to develop into productive, caring human beings.

For trauma response resources for parents & professionals working with children, copy/paste: http://www.nctsn.org/trauma-resources/terrorism

For information on the Reverend Pinckney Fund, which will continue victim’s mission of meeting challenges in marginalized communities in SC: http://www.palmettoproject.org/